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Jaya House Hotels in Siem Reap


As a small, boutique hotel we are indeed fortunate with regards to our grounds and spacious layout ensuring ‘social distancing’ comes natural - “Space is the new Luxury

Various studies explain that the virus spreads less easy in warmer climates. Our open-air, tropical facilities are thus likely to reduce the spread of the virus.

Cambodia – summer all year round

As off time of writing Cambodia has ZERO fatalities and only 124 cases of Covid-19 (122 cured). Scientists tend to think that our tropical climate might have played a very positive role on our very low numbers

In preparation for our re-opening numerous Covid-19 initiatives have actually taken place to both enhance our guest experience & reduce risks

Due to our open-air layout a tropical breeze is always around in either of our hotels.

Lobby & public areas 

• Improved Airflow

• Additional ventilation in all public areas

• Floors has been treated with an environmentally friendly substance to reduce the ability for bacteria to spread

• Increased social distancing policies in lobby

• Public areas are sanitized every hour

• Numerous Jaya Organics sanitizing facilities around the property

Hotel entrance 

• Enhanced airflow reducing the risk of contamination

• Additional ventilation in all public areas

• Additional entrance / exit increased the ability for social distancing

• Jaya Organics Hand sanitizing facilities at both entrances

• Luggage sanitizing facilities


• NO-touch facilities

• All rooms are accessible with NO-touch facilities

2-Swimming pool facilities

• We have 2 pools where social distancing is adhered to simply due to the amounts of gardens and grounds

• Space between sun-loungers has been increased to over 5 meters

• With only 36 rooms there is always more than enough space at either one of the 2 pools

Guest rooms and suites

• Each room has an individual aircon system which is cleaned thoroughly before each guest arrival

• Each of our rooms will be ventilated thoroughly daily

• Each of our rooms has direct access to open-air areas / balcony

• Each of our rooms is accessible without the use of airconditioned spaces

• Each room accessible via staircase or lift (NO touch facilities available)

• Jaya Organics hand-sanitizer available in all rooms


• Increased social distancing in between tables

• No more breakfast buffet instead a personalized a-la-carte breakfast

• In-room breakfast options (free of charge) ensuring even more social distancing

Airport pick-up

• Personalised airport pick-up in our own car

• Car is sanitized before every single journey

• Jaya Organics Hand sanitizer in each of our cars

• Driver wears facemask

• Suitcases sanitized with alcohol before entering the cars

• Open-air transportation options available (upon request)

• Book / cancellation policies for remainder of 2020

• Flexible policies with regards to cancellations

• All bookings can be cancelled upto 24 hrs before arrival without charge

• This policy is for bookings thru ALL channels (agents, Online etc)


• All staff temperature checked upon arrival at hotel

• All staff thoroughly trained

• Sanitizing facilities available for all staff


• Reduced max. number of guests enhancing social distancing

• Due to its open-air facilities maximum air-movement

• NO-touch accessibility

• Staircase or lift access

• Jaya Organics Sanitizing facilities

• Strict Public bathroom facility cleaning schedule