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Peacefully located with the 'Ecole Francais Extreme Orient', the 'Enkosa Pagoda' & the 'Angkor Conservation Authority' as our neighbours, a very definitive sense of heritage and culture surrounds us while still on the way to the Angkor World Heritage sites and minutes from the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap city centre

Explore all there is to do in Siem Reap 

Local Tours

The Siem Reap National Museum is about a 3-minute Remork (tuk-tuk) drive while the Ticketgate to Angkor and its magnificent temples are a mere 5 minutes away.

Using your personal and complimentary tuk-tuk driver, Pub Street and Old Market is a leisurely 5-minutes journey

Airport: 15-20 minutes by tuk-tuk (complimentary Airport Pickup)

Made-in-Cambodia Market: 5 minutes