The team at Jaya House Hotels actively supports 3 different NGO’s on a monthly basis with a simple cheque.

We use $5 of every occupied room / every night thru-out the month and divide the total amount by 3 so each of the below 3 NGO’s receives the same amount of dollars at the end of each month. We have been writing cheques since December 2016 and have facilitated introductions for guests that wanted to do more in either of the below fields

Green Gecko Center for Street Children

The Green Gecko Project is an established grassroots NGO recognised for bringing effective and sustainable positive change to the communities we work with. Through our holistic approach and long-term programs, we have empowered 32 families who previously lived and worked on the streets, to care for their children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Through mentoring, training, health initiatives and social enterprises, our families have been able to successfully break the cycle of begging and dramatically reduce the many negative consequences of living in poverty.

At Green Gecko, we support our families by providing their children with a comprehensive quality education and opportunities for development. This is already having a real positive and sustainable impact - from UNESCO delegates, Medical Scholars and National Football stars to Social Workers, Actors and Physiotherapists; the first Green Gecko graduates are not only well-balanced individuals but are reconnecting with their communities and creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout society.

The Green Gecko Project is a registered organisation in Cambodia and has been working alongside families, communities, Child Protection Authorities, and the Cambodian Government since 2005.

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The Cambodian landmine Relief Fund

Cambodia remains one of the most heavily mined countries in the world as a result of decades of conflict, including a civil war, the brutal Khmer Rouge regime and genocide, American bombings, and Vietnamese occupation.

Dozens of civilians are still injured or killed every year by landmines and other unexploded ordnance that have been left over from all the fighting. Landmines and UXOs are found in backyards, in the rice fields where people work, and on the roads where children walk to school. Millions of the country’s landmines have now been cleared, but there is still a lot of work to be done; it is estimated Cambodia will not be entirely free of landmines for several decades to come.

The Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Center serves to educate the public on the dangers of landmines, and in addition it supports education for Cambodian youth. This home was created so that it might serve as a place of healing for bodies, hearts and minds. We believe that love, support and education are the essential means to secure a better future for the children that live here and our visitors.

· To tell the story of landmines in Cambodia through the perspective of Aki Ra, our founder, who was conscripted into the Khmer Rouge Army as a child soldier, and spent his youth fighting in the wars that ravaged his country for nearly 35 years Landmines impact the country’s past, present, and future.
· To show the world that, no matter who you are, whatever your background, your education, you can make a difference.
· To support a Relief Center and School for at-risk village children so that they can have access to education, food, and shelter.

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The Small Art school Siem Reap

The Small Art School (SAS) is a self-financed school that provides arteducationto its enrolled students. An envisioned Japanese art teacher,namely Tomoko Kasahara, founded it. She aimed to provide free artclasses to children of Cambodia. It is an excellent opportunity forkids who have the talent but lack opportunities due to financial reasons. The small art school was approved by the Cambodian government as an NGO inApril last year under the organization name “Wind of Art organization”.

The primary goal of SAS is to help children by providing free and quality art education with the help of Tomoko and her colleagues. The kid’s art gallery helps us promote our students’ creative expression while allowing them to cherish joyful learning experiences as they grow.

The Management of Jaya House Hotels also started the Made in Cambodia market over 9 years ago with the sole aim of creating jobs, enhancing lives and incomes.

During the Covid era we co-started an initiative with 2 other hotels (Treeline Urban Resort and Mulberry Hotel) and donated 54.000 #Plasticfree & #Styrofoamfree meals throughout Siem Reap province

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