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Choosing the right partner in the modern travel world

Travelling after Covid-19 will certainly be different than it was before. As a tourist it is natural to look more deeply into where you want to go, and what you want to do, perhaps making your decisions a little more consciously than before. We believe travelling with your family, or in a small, select group will become even more popular, which is thankfully something we have been promoting and mastering for years. Our partnership with CambodiaJeep is also one that is very precious to us as we both share the same values of quality, individuality and customer satisfaction, while at the same time maintaining an awareness of cultural sensitivity, sustainability and environmental awareness. 

Environmental sustainability and protection are global issues, and nowhere more so than here in Cambodia. As a company, they are here to work with you and build tailor-made tours for which are not only fascinating and engaging but also dovetail with your personal needs and desires in the modern travel environment benefitting the local community

At they aim to be as environmentally conscious as possible. For all their diesel jeeps, they use biodiesel from Naga Earth. At the Naga Earth factory in Siem Reap, they up-cycle used cooking oil into biodiesel and glycerin providing as a clean alternative to diesel fuel as possible with 90% fewer hydrocarbon emissions 50% less carbon dioxide emissions and no sulfate emissions Plastic waste is also becoming a huge problem in Cambodia, and single-use plastic water bottles are the worst offenders. The wonderful Refill not Landfill initiative, which we are proud members of, promotes the use of reusable metal drinking bottles.

Travelling in Siem Reap is, without doubt, a fantastic experience, but could it be simply better by jeep?

There is a wealth of ways to make day trips in and around Siem Reap/Cambodia, but in our opinion, there is no better way to visit the countryside than by an open-topped vintage jeep. It allows you a unique 360-degree view of the countryside as you feel the wind rushing through your hair. Here you can truly experience the sights, smells and feel of Cambodia. These jeeps were built to last, and also to travel in all areas and on all roads. They can take you far off the traditional tourist routes, on specially researched dirt roads where no bus or tuk-tuk can go.

We have a wide selection of package jeep day tours with a driver. Here you can sit back and enjoy the scenery while our wonderful guides fill you in on all points of interest. We also know how special this holiday is for you and are happy to sit down with you to discuss all of the options you have and answer any questions you might have. Your satisfaction and comfort are of paramount importance.


Perhaps the most iconic photo in tourism today is the sun rising over the majestic ruins of Angkor Wat. Our drivers are looking forward to picking you up from Jaya House River Park and showing you this jewel of the country. We always try to take the roads less travelled and pick some secluded spots so you can get a truly unique experience. The other temples within the park also offer stunning glimpses into the history and different archaeological styles. A cooling breeze often awaits you at the iconic jungle temple of Ta Prohm, famous for the giant tree roots which intertwine through its walls, providing an almost haunting experience of nature taking over. The enormous, beautifully carved faces of the Bayon temple are also a truly amazing sight to see, and numerous other temples lie there to be explored with our guides. Our expertise and knowledge of the area mean that, even in a place as popular as this, you can still feel like a true explorer.

Phnom Kulen

One of our most popular jeep tours is a day trip to the spectacular Phnom Kulen National Park. The trip from the Jaya Riverhouse will take you out of the city and along the country roads where you can see how day-to-day life in Cambodia progresses. As you rise into the hills you will arrive at this holy mountain, awash with beautiful scenery and spectacular waterfalls. A serene Buddhist temple sits atop, with the largest reclining Buddha in Cambodia (for those of you energetic enough to climb all the stairs!). Afterwards, you can take a beautiful jungle walk to the famous carved river of Kbal Spean, where you can marvel at the water rushing over the lingas skillfully chiselled into the stones while taking in the beauty of the Cambodian jungle.

Kampong Khleang

If you want to explore the countryside of Siem Reap, we would love to show you the fantastic Kampong Khleang. We will pick you up in one of our vintage jeeps and transport you out of Siem Reap to visit one of the most unique villages in the world. Here, if you are visiting in the dry season, you will see houses on stilts of at least 8 meters high. In the rainy season, we cruise by boat through this village where you can see the floating school, market and visit the temple. This village kept its authenticity through the years, the tour also includes lunch with friendly locals and cycling around Siem Reap’s splendid countryside, between the rice paddies and traditional Khmer wooden houses. Truly a memorable day.

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