Community Initiatives:
Nutritional Book Drive

Jaya House River Park guests frequently question how they can help with and support our community initiatives. We appreciate your interest and your help very much.

Our answer

You are already making a significant difference by staying in a locally owned hotel. Jaya House River Park only employs Khmer nationals, providing jobs, income, and opportunities to the local community. This is the first way you, as a guest, help create a ripple effect.

Our role as an advisor to the United Nations in their Global Tourism Plastic Initiative aims to educate our industry partners, other hotels, and individuals about the incredibly damaging effects of single-use plastics. By choosing single-use plastic-free hotels such as Jaya House River Park, you help create a further ripple effect without sacrificing any luxuries, inspiring the rest of the tourism industry.

In addition to your much-appreciated help so far, we would love your support on our environmental and educational projects. Both community initiatives contribute to a positive and sustainable ripple effect: 

●       Providing underprivileged children with educational children’s books on physical and mental health
●       Tree planting (they can be ordered and planted when at Jaya House River Park)

Nutritional Book Drive

Jaya House River Park carefully selected two educational books: Nutrition Facts for Kids - teaching children the facts about nutrition, aimed at children 8-12 years and How to Pack for the Journey called Life - A Travel Guide for Kids, aimed at children 10 years and older.

Please consider buying one or more of these books before you visit us and have the books travel with you in your suitcase to Jaya House River Park. We will then ensure the books will continue their travel to a destination where they will be most appreciated: Cambodian children for whom books are not a given, but a luxury out of reach.

Nutrition Facts for Kids - teaching children the facts about nutrition focuses on health and nutrition and gives children basic and more advanced knowledge about their nutrition. The knowledge is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Empowering children with basic and more advanced knowledge about nutrition and encouraging them to make well-informed decisions – short and long-term health is one of the many ways to help the malnourished situation in Cambodia. Good nutrition is fundamental for children in their formative years, and this book is the perfect example of what Cambodian children and their parents need and are able to use.

How to Pack for the Journey called Life - A Travel Guide for Kids focuses on both physical and mental health with an integral, holistic approach to a happy and purposeful life. This book offers life lessons, social skills, practical tools, insights and perspectives to live a healthy, happy and rewarding life. Timeless, yet timely advice for children of all cultures and (religious) backgrounds.

Both books can easily be ordered from the Amazon website via the links below: