Community Initiatives:
Tree Planting

Jaya House River Park guests frequently question how they can help with and support our community initiatives. We appreciate your interest and your help very much.

Our answer

You are already making a significant difference by staying in a locally owned hotel. Jaya House River Park only employs Khmer nationals, providing jobs, income, and opportunities to the local community. This is the first way you, as a guest, help create a ripple effect.

Our role as an advisor to the United Nations in their Global Tourism Plastic Initiative aims to educate our industry partners, other hotels, and individuals about the incredibly damaging effects of single-use plastics. By choosing single-use plastic-free hotels such as Jaya House River Park, you help create a further ripple effect without sacrificing any luxuries, inspiring the rest of the tourism industry.

In addition to your much-appreciated help so far, we would love your support on our environmental and educational projects. Both community initiatives contribute to a positive and sustainable ripple effect: 

●       Providing underprivileged children with educational children’s books on physical and mental health
●       Tree planting (they can be ordered and planted when at Jaya House River Park)

Tree planting initiative – now 2100 planted.

Over the past six years, Jaya House River Park has planted more than 2000 trees in public areas of Siem Reap. Each tree has a minimum size of 3 meters and is native to Cambodia.

The tree planting initiative started in 2016, believing that as a small boutique hotel, we would like to lead by example and showcase the importance of trees for the environment. Each tree costs $25-50, depending on the size and type. The trees are planted in public areas of Siem Reap in the hope of educating about the importance of trees and their benefits in combating climate change. 

Before picture of the Siem Reap riverside area in 2016

Recent pictures of the Siem Reap riverside in 2021