Food equality & Plant-based options

The world after #COVID at Jaya House River Park

To say that the “tourism industry has changed” is an understatement. Here at Jaya House River Park we do take the ‘new world’ very seriously and have implemented the new requirements of the savvy traveler at all levels of our little operation. In addition to our 2nd open-air lobby to ensure social distancing at all times and an enlarged breakfast area, numerous other initiatives have been undertaken in recent months.

Nutritious and exciting plant-based menu options

After extensive research with previous guests, travel industry professionals and culinary experts we have been able to significantly expand our plant-based options. With the sole aim to continue offering the very best breakfast in town, we have teamed up with the highly regarded specialists from Vegan FoodQuest to create a selection of vegan delights. In addition to these exciting new menu options, we will continue to source organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.  

The multiple health benefits of a vegan diet

The literature showing the benefits of a predominantly whole food plant-based diet is vast. A vegan diet made up of whole-food plant-based ingredients, is one that excludes all animal products. Instead, it includes a wide range of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. This means consuming foods that exert anti-inflammatory effects on the body, the benefits of whole foods are that they are rich in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and many other health beneficial components. 

Offering a menu ‘status-quo’

We strongly believe all of our guests are equal and should have equal menu choices, so this increase in plant-based options on our menus will allow us to offer a menu ‘status-quo’ and give equal menu choices for all.

Everyone loved our smashed avo’ and dukkah!

As a side note, we loved that at one of our many tasting menu events(before our launch and re-opening of Jaya House River Park) was that more than 70% of the guests invited rated our ‘Smashed Avocado with Pistachio Dukkha’ as their favorite dish, which just happens to be 100% vegan and perfectly plant based!

About Vegan Food Quest

Vegan Food Quest makes vegan travel in Southeast Asia easier for everyone, achieving this by supporting travellers, hotels, resorts and travel agents throughout this exciting region. Helping vegan travel lovers decide where to stay, what they can eat and the locations that should be part of their vegan travel adventure when heading to the region. 

They deliver vegan hospitality training to staff teams and vegan menu consultancy to ensure that the number of vegan friendly hotels and resorts continues to rise exponentially. They also offer private city tours to individuals, couples and small groups in Siem Reap or Bangkok, and assist some of the leading vegan travel agents to curate and deliver group tours to multiple locations in Southeast Asia.

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